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We embody the original literal meaning of ‘psychotherapy’ –
the care and cure of souls.

Bethany, Yates & Associates embodies the original literal meaning of ‘psychotherapy,’ which is the care and cure of souls. Simply put, our experienced and empathetic licensed therapists are available to help you:

  • Bring all of who you are to everything you do
  • Approach new horizons with confidence and courage
  • Explore your own internal compass, filling the void & grounding your life in purpose and passion
  • Embrace certain truths that have previously eluded you
  • Build the firm foundation for the life you have dreamed of living
  • Heal your most important relationships where you are making it harder on yourself & your loved ones than you need to
  • Untangle emotional knots into which you may find yourself tied
  • Unblock your ability to live fully and meaningfully
  • Remove the obstacles blocking your happiness, contentment & fulfillment

Next Steps

First of all, congratulations on just thinking about exploring what might be available to you.  The next step is scheduling an appointment to explore and evaluate where you are and where you want to go.

The first session is an opportunity for you to decide if you and your therapist are a good fit.  Building a rapport with your therapist is key, as well as feeling comfortable and confident that your therapist is capable of understanding and empathizing with you and your situation.  If you feel comfortable, the therapist and you will develop a treatment plan to achieve your personal goals.


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What Clients Are Saying

“After a few sessions with one of the therapists at Bethany, Yates & Associates, I was able to navigate and free myself from a traumatic event that had been coloring every aspect of my life.

There are no words to express my gratitude for my therapist, who literally guided me back to my own power. Allowing me to shape my future–under my terms.”

P. VanHorn