Everyone Needs Help Sometime…

Bethany, Yates & Associates embodies the original literal meaning of ‘psychotherapy,’ which is the care and cure of souls. Simply put, our experienced and empathetic licensed therapists are available to help you:

  • Bring all of who you are to everything you do
  • Approach new horizons with confidence and courage
  • Explore your own internal compass, filling the void & grounding your life in purpose and passion
  • Embrace certain truths that have previously eluded you
  • Build the firm foundation for the life you have dreamed of living
  • Heal your most important relationships where you are making it harder on yourself & your loved ones than you need to
  • Untangle emotional knots into which you may find yourself tied
  • Unblock your ability to live fully and meaningfully
  • Remove the obstacles blocking your happiness, contentment & fulfillment